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Thank you all for a great season. See you next year.


2014 Season W/L


Cardegles, St. Jude And St. Charles Cross Country

News Updates:


Thank you for visting this site. We have retired this site and have moved everything over to the new The new site allows for much better mobile viewing, searching, and ease of posting articles. This site has served us well for 10 years, see you on the new



Summer conditioning runs for current and potential Cardegle cross country runners will begin July 6th and continue Monday and Wednesday evenings at 5:00 6:00 p.m. at Shoaff Park. Open to 5th thru 8th grade boys and girls. Parent participation is welcome and encouraged, come run with us. Participation is voluntary and emphasis is on building fitness and having fun. Should have school physical. For more information call Dan Kaufman 414-6543 or Chris Kaufman 414-6730


10-20-2014 (Updated 11-04-2014)

One more video of the whole team.

Fall Fun Runs (hosted by Emmett/Aileen/Coach Dan Delaney)
Wednesdays @ 4:30
at the Delaney residence (1802 Florida Drive)
Dress appropriate for weather conditions, will continue though early December as weather permits



Thank you all for a great season!!

Here is a link to all the photos taken by the parents this year. Photos via Google Drive

Drum roll please.... The 2014 Cardegle award winners.

2014 Cardegle Video

(Available in HD)



Please join the celebration at the
SUNDAY, OCT. 19TH @ 4:30pm
Saint Jude Church Basement

Dinner at 5:00 pm.
Guest speaker & awards following.

Please bring:
5th Grade – BREADS/ROLLS
6th Grade – DESSERTS
7th Grade – Countrytime Lemonade Drink Mix
8th Grade – SIDE OR SALAD

Also the coaches will be collecting uniforms (and spikes if you borrowed them) at the banquet.
Please put the uniform in a bag and label the bag with your runner's name. Thank you!



Coaches here are the final Cardegle results. Boys and Girls

Cardegle Invitational Results

2014 Individual Results

Our best season yet. Great job team. See you any the banquet.



Carroll Results



New Haven Results

Excellent meet team!



We've got a lot of updates to post to the website today.

Huntington Results are now up.
LutheRun Results

There were a lot of top time records broken in the LutheRun meet. Aileen and Caroline improved their times, Natalie Vogan is now a top 15 runner. Aileen has the 15th best time. For the boys, Emmet and Matt improved their times, Isaiah Wiseman and Keaton Broerman are now 11th and 13th respectivly. Emmet Delaney also now has the 11th best boys time ever.

The Cardegle Classic has been updated and includes the entry form for Coaches.



West Noble Results

Awesome! We have new top runners too. Keaton Broerman is our top 15 runner of all time and Aileen Delaney improved her time by a second.

Huntington results will be posted as soon as we get them. It may be a day or two.



Our meet schedule has updated, the Huntington meet this weekend is at 9:00 and the Blackhawk meet has been cancelled.



Indian Springs Results

Wow, that meet had some tough competition and you did very well. Look at the team scores, notice the big jump in points for the teams after us. You were running with the best of them.

New TopTimes. Alex Ebitino now has the 11th fastest time and is our 5th fastest runner. Aileen Delaney tied for our 8th fastest runner, and Caroline Miller is our 13th fastest runner.


9-10-2014 - Jefferson Meet Cancelled

Today's meet at Jefferson MS has been cancelled. If the weather clears we'll have practice at 5:00 at Shoaff as usual.



We have a meet today at Jefferson Middle School at 3:30. Boys will run first therefore need to be ready first. The weather report says there could be thunderstorms so if it would happen to be cancelled and we get notified soon enough, we will call the schools for an announcement and try to get an announcement out on the website, facebook, and email. It may be last minute.

Below is meet information for saturdays meet at Indian Spring. Plan to be there by 8:30, especially the girls varsity. This is for grades 6, 7, and 8. Indian Springs Meet Info

Pictures: Parents we need your pictures. I, coach Brian am no longer able to make it to the meets to take pictures. I am calling for your help to take pictures and share them with us for the website. We will have a post soon on how to share pictures with us so that we can put them on the website.



Norwell Results


Great job team and welcome Emmett Delaney to our Top 15 Cardegle Runners of all time list.

We have just added the complete meet results for Prairie Heights.



Prairie Heights Results
Prairie Heights Pictures will be posted at a later date.

Excellent race today team. You beat some very good teams.



On September 21st, St. Charles will be hosting a 5K. Eric Ade (Bishop Dwenger Coach) is asking for volunteers to help with this event. In particular he needs help with Course Management. For St. Charles Parents this will count toward the volunteer requirement to qualify your kids for a Dress Down after CardinalFest

You can sign up to volunteer at:

Both Parents and the Cardegles themselves are welcome to sign up to help. Bishop Dwenger Students can also have their volunteer cards signed for Service hours.

Please give this chance to volunteer some consideration, especially if you aren’t able to participate in the 5K itself.

Thanks again and let me know if you have any questions, (See Flyer Here)

Coach Chris



Our first meet Prairie Heights is this weekend August 30th. Be there at 8:00, grades 6, 7, 8 only and its at 245 S 1150 E LaGrange, IN 46761 (Map)

See attached info sheet for more information. Girls run first then boys. (Jr High Course Map)
(Highschool Map)



New Practice schedule starting Monday August 25th.

Monday, Wednesday and Friday at Shoaff Park

Tuesday at Kreager Park (Main Parking Lot)

Thursday at the Plex





Tentative Race schedule posted.



The first official meeting/practice for this season will be August 4th, 5:00-6:00 pm at Shoaff Park by the baseball field for Boys and Girls grades 5 thru 8. Come prepared to run. Please make sure you have your school physical on file to participate. For more information call Dan Kaufman 485-5241 or Chris Kaufman 485-2275

(In the meantime, summer fun runs continue every Monday and Wednesday 5:00 pm Shoaff Park)



Summer conditioning runs for current and potential Cardegle cross country runners will begin July 7th and continue Monday and Wednesday evenings at 5:00 – 6:00p.m. at Shoaff Park. Open to 5th thru 8th grade boys and girls. Parent participation is welcome and encouraged. Participation is voluntary and emphasis is on building fitness and having fun. Should have school physical.

Shoe Alert!

If you did not receive the email about the potential discount for group team shoe purchase or are an incoming 5 th grader or new runner please send an email to Coach Chris Kaufman with your name and contact information for more info.  We will have more info on July 7 th at conditioning, but wanted to get the word out first in case any new runners were planning on buying new shoes before them.



Fun Runs are back!
(beginning April 8th).
Tuesdays & Thursdays
Meet at Lakeside Middle School near the track
(school is at the intersection of Lake and Randalia)



Attn: The fun runs with Emmet and Aileen have stopped for now. We will let you know when they start up again.



Join Emmett and Aileen Delaney for weekly fun runs.


Come one come all!



Thank you for another excellent season.

Enjoy the end of year video here.

Available in HD



Cardegle Cross Country Banquet
Sunday, October 27th @ 5:30pm
St. Jude Church Basement

Girls - Please bring a side dish or salad.
Boys - Please bring a dessert.

Please bring uniforms and spikes to turn in.
Put clean uniforms in a bag with the runner's name on the outside.
Wipe down the spikes as well and put them in a separate bag.

We are looking forward to seeing all the Cardegles and their families at the banquet this Sunday!



Excellent season team. See you at the banquet on Sunday the 27th.

Blackhawk pics
Blackhawk results (incomplete, contact any coach if you have a missing time or a correction)



Our last meet of the year is at Blackhawk Christian this thursday, see attached file for more information.



Cardegles in the News

October 13th Today's Catholic article about the Cardegles



Excellent meet today team and thank you to all the parents who helped make the meet run smoothly and with the great food afterwards.

Cardegle Inv Results
Cardegle Pics




Memorial Park Results
Memorial Park Pics

We had some awesome finishes tonight. Passing all those opponents really made a difference in the team score.



Carroll Results
Carroll Pics

Another fun muddy day at a Cross Country meet.

Great job team.



New Haven results
New Haven pics & video

How to pass five opponents at the same time



West Noble pics
Lutheran pics

Get ready for the big New Haven meet tomorrow, it will be a fun one.

Click for our unofficial team picture.



Lutheran Results
Lutheran pics will be posted tomorrow night.

Great win tonight.




Shawnee Results
Shawnee Pics

Great meet team.

You can compare your times with your other meets with the Individual Results excel file available on the 2013 Results page



Our next meet is Wednesday immediately after school at Shawnee. (Map)

On Saturday we have a two meets, we will split the team so that some will go to West Noble and some to Huntington. We will let you know where you are to go at practice this week.

West Noble handout and map
Huntington handout and map



Indian Springs Results
Indian Springs Pics

Great race team, we beat all the schools from our area in Allen county except one. Congrats to those in the top thirty to received an award, Matt K, Collin, Alex, Natalie, Aileen, and Julia B.


New all time Top runners, Matt Kochanski's time of 10:52 makes him the 9th fastest Cardegle ever, Alex Ebinito's time of 12:16 makes her the 7th fastest Cardegle ever, and Julia Eckrich's time of 12:30 makes her the 12th fastest Cardegle ever. Keep in mind this top time list is 16 years in the making, its a very difficult list to get on to.



Prairie Heights Results (Girls reserve times are now up along with the complete meet results)
Prairie Heights Pics

Excellent run today team.



Our first meet is this Saturday (31st) at Prairie Heights near Angola. The first race starts at 9:00 AM. Google Maps here. See the handout for more information.

Also here is a handout for instructions on what to do and what not to do with your uniforms.



Get ready for the 2013 Cardegles CC camp. Its on Friday the 9th, we will meet at Dwenger at 3:00 or at the farm at 4:00. See the flyer for more details.



With the first official practice Monday at Shoaff we have updated the practice schedule here. The tentative 2013 race schedule is available now also.



The first official meeting and practice for this season will be August 5th, 5:00 p.m. at Shoaff Park at the baseball field for Boys and Girls grades 5th through 8th. Please have your school physical to participate. For more information call coach Dan Kaufman



Summer conditioning runs for current and potential Cardegle cross country runners will begin July 8th and continue Monday and Wednesday evenings at 5:00 – 6:00p.m. at Shoaff Park. Open to 5th thru 8th grade boys and girls. Parent participation is welcome and encouraged. Participation is voluntary and emphasis is on building fitness and having fun. Should have school physical.

Any 8th graders who want to prepare for the Cardegle CC season can practice with the Bishop Dwenger team. See their schedule here.

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